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Solved: Can You Use Oven Bags in a Crock Pot? Will Oven Bags Work in a Crock Pot?

If you’ve been asking, “can you use oven bags in a Crock Pot,” you’re not alone. This is a common question many individuals have.

Oven bags are designed to withstand the high temperatures in an oven, so they should be safe to use in a Crock Pot, right? However, slow cookers utilize different cooking and heating methods than an oven, so will the bag prevent the Crock Pot from cooking properly or cause any kind of safety hazard?

I hear you! It can all be really confusing. I was curious too, so I did some research to determine whether you can use oven bags in a slow cooker.

I’d love to share the answers and information I discovered. Continue reading, and I’ll help you understand:

  • What a Crock Pot is
  • The differences between a Crock Pot and a slow cooker
  • What an oven bag is
  • What a slow cooker bag is
  • Whether oven bags are safe
  • Whether you can use oven bags in a slow cooker
  • How to use oven bags


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What is a Crock Pot?

A Crock Pot is a type of slow cooker. Crock Pot is the brand name, but many individuals simply use the term to refer to any type of slow cooker. The first Crock Pot was released in 1970; with the company’s 50 years of business, Crock Pot has become synonymous with slow cooker.

Crock Pot vs Slow Cooker

As I shared above, a Crock Pot is simply a specific brand of slow cooker.

As the name implies, a slow cooker is designed to cook foods more slowly. It can produce tender and delicious meals, yummy soups, and more.

Many individuals find that using a slow cooker can simplify their dinner preparation. They can add all the needed ingredients to the slow cooker in the morning, then by dinner time, their meal is ready to eat.

Unlike stove tops which can get very hot (read about it here), the outside of a slow cooker will not be as hot. However, it can still get pretty warm, and could potentially burn an individual or other items around on the countertop.

Another advantage of slow cookers is that they are both considered safe to leave on when you’re not home. This means you can keep your dinner cooking when you’re away at work, school, or running errands. There isn’t as much to worry about a slow cooker setting of the smoke detector, as may happen with an air fryer. Learn more about it in my blog here.

What is an Oven Bag?

An oven bag is pretty much exactly what is sounds like: a special type of bag designed for holding food to cook it in the oven.

Oven bags, which are made from food-grade nylon or polyester, are designed to be used in temperatures as high as 450 °F.

Cooking foods in an oven bag can help them stay moister, resulting in a tasty finished product. Additionally, cooking in an oven bag can reduce the splatter and mess caused by cooking foods in the oven. It can also help simplify clean up, since you can simply throw out the bag and won’t need to scrub the cooking dish.

Are Oven Bags Safe?

It is understandable if you are questioning the safety of an oven bag. After all, you’ve likely heard time and time again that you should not use plastic in the oven.

If you follow the usage directions for an oven bag, using it in your oven shouldn’t be an issue.

Oven bags aren’t made from just any old plastic. Rather, they are made using a heat-resistant, food-safe nylon, polyester, or plastic. They are designed to be used with average cooking temperatures, or about 450 °F.

Look for FDA-compliant oven bags. These bags will be free of BPA or other chemicals that could release any harmful toxins into food as it cooks. Fortunately, nearly all oven bags in the market should meet these criteria, but it is still a good idea to confirm before making a purchase.

It is also important to not that you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the bag. For example, some oven bags may be labeled as safe for use in the microwave, while others are not designed for use in the microwave and may melt.

When using an oven bag in the oven, you’ll also want to make sure that the bag isn’t touching the heating element or the sides of the oven. These areas may get too hot, and the contact could cause the bag to melt. An oven bag should never go directly on the racks; the bag and the food inside it should be placed in a deep oven-safe pan.

This short video shares a little more about the safety of oven bags and what studies have shown about using them.

Based on this video, you’ll want to avoid using your oven bag under the broiler or very high oven temperatures to ensure no harmful chemical leach into your foods.

What Is a Slow Cooker Plastic Bag?

Slow cooker bags are special liners designed for use with Crock Pots and other types of slow cookers.

Using a slow cooker plastic bag will prevent foods from getting stuck on the ceramic pot of your slow cooker. This will help make clean up much easier and leave you with more time to do the things that are most important to you.

You can find slow cooker bags in different sizes to fit both large and small slow cookers.

Watch this short video review of slow cooker liner bags. It will help you see how you can use a slow cooker plastic bag. Then, you can decide whether using them will help save you time in the kitchen.

As you can see, slow cooker bags can really cut down on the after-cooking clean-up, while still helping you cook flavorful meals.

Slow Cooker Bag vs Oven Bag

Slow cooker bags and oven bags are very similar. They are both made using food-grade nylon or polyester that is able to withstand high cooking temperatures.

Both oven bags and slow cooker bags can help you simplify your time in the kitchen and make clean up a breeze.

The biggest difference between a slow cooker bag and an oven bag lies in the opening of the bag.

An oven bag has a narrower opening on one side. Conversely, a slow cooker bag has a wider opening on one of the sides.

This difference can be explained by how each type of bag is designed to be used. Oven bags typically hold large cuts of meat, which you would slide in from the side.

Slow cooker bags, on the other hand, are placed inside the ceramic crock. They can be left open when cooking.

Can You Use Oven Bags in a Crock Pot?

Many people ask, “can you use oven bags in a Crock Pot?” Yes, you can use oven bags in a slow cooker.

As I shared above, oven bags and slow cooker bags are made from the same material. This means, you’ll be able to enjoy the same benefits of easier prep and clean up with your slow cooker with an oven bag as you would with a slow cooker bag.

Can You Use Reynolds Oven Bags in a Crock Pot?

You may have already known that Reynold’s oven bags can help you cook a delicious turkey, but did you know that you can also use them in your slow cooker?

Reynolds is simply one manufacturer of oven bags. Since we’ve already concluded that you can use oven bags in a slow cooker, it should go without saying that you can also use Reynolds oven bags in a Crock Pot.

Thinking about trying Reynolds oven bags in your slow cooker? Don’t forget to also give them a try in the oven. This video shows how they can help you prepare and moist and flavorful turkey in less time than it would typically take.

As you can see, you can certainly do a lot with Reynolds oven bags.

Tips for Using an Oven Bag in a Crock Pot

If you want to try to use oven bags in a slow cooker, read through my pointers below. These will help ensure that your meals are cooked to perfection and that your clean-up is simple and stress-free.

  • After adding your ingredients, tie the bag loosely or poke a few holes. This will ensure that steam is able to escape.
  • Before placing ingredients in the bag, put in a small amount of flour. Shake the bag to distribute the flour around the interior. This works to add a layer of protection to prevent the steam from causing the bag to burst.
  • If the meal you’re cooking won’t fill up your entire slow cooker, consider getting the most bang for your buck and cooking two meals/sides at the same time. Use two bags and fill each with the contents of one recipe. Place the bags in next to one another to cook. Just ensure that the cooking time/temperatures are similar for the different recipes you choose.
  • Grease the bottom and sides of the ceramic bowl in the slow cooker with vegetable oil before placing the bag in.
  • Double-check the maximum temperature shared by the manufacturer for each bag before using it in your Crock Pot.

Can You Use Oven Bags in a Pressure Cooker?

Yes, if you’d like to try using oven bags in your pressure cooker, you should be able to do so as well. As always, when using your pressure cooker, remember the importance of the safety valve. You can read more about what a pressure cooker safety valve does in this article.

Can You Use a Crock Pot Liner as an Oven Bag?

In many cases, you may be able to use a slow cooker liner as an oven bag. However, you’ll want to confirm with the specific manufacturer instructions to check what temperatures the bag can withstand.

How to Use Oven Bags

Want to try out that oven bag to whip up something delicious in the oven? Here are a few tips to help you learn how to use oven roasting bags:

  • Before adding any ingredients to the bag, use flour to coat the interior.
  • Add the seasoned meats along with any vegetables or sauces to the bag.
  • Tie the bag and use scissors to trim off the excess plastic.
  • Use a large and deep baking pan to hold the bag and its content. Be sure to choose a pan that is at least a little larger than the bag to account for expansion during the cooking process.
  • Puncture the top of the bag using a fork (about 5 to 8 times).
  • Insert a meat thermometer into your meat (it can go directly through the bag).
  • Ensure that the oven is preheated (no hotter than 400° F), and place the baking pan in the oven.
  • Confirm that the bag is not touching any surface in the oven (the heating element, walls, or racks).
  • Consider using a knife to slit the bag to allow meats to brown during the last 25 minutes or so of cooking.

This video walks you through using an oven bag to roast a turkey. You’ll learn some useful tips that will help ensure the turkey is moist, delicious, and sure to impress everyone at the table.

What do you think? Would you like to try cooking a turkey in an oven bag?

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Closing Words

Hopefully, I’ve helped you understand the answer to the question, “can you use oven bags in a Crock Pot?” As I shared above, oven bags can be used in a slow cooker to help simplify clean up. Just remember to loosely tie the bag or poke a few holes in it to allow air to escape for a perfectly-cooked and delicious meal.

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