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Preserve Your Food by Checking Out My Guide to the Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms in 2022

I have recently discovered that I like mushrooms. It was an unexpected discovery for a picky eater like me, and I have been researching ways to preserve my mushrooms to add to meals.

Recently, I learned that drying your mushrooms is a great way to preserve them. This means I needed to do a search for the best dehydrator.

Of course, this also meant I was going to put together a guide on how to choose a mushroom dehydrating machine. After all, you may be in the market for a dehydrator yourself.

I like to be thorough when I research a product, so I made sure to check out resources such as Amazon, websites, forums, social media and even YouTube. This way, I can determine the top product based on a variety of reviews.

These are the first two dehydrators I came across while researching various products. I wanted to list them now as a preview of what you can find in my guide.

While these products are good options, I did find better options. I am going to list several other options a little later in my guide.

You can also use a sauna to dehydrate your mushrooms, but you cannot bring a sauna into the kitchen. Therefore, it is better to buy an appliance for dehydrating your mushrooms inside your home.

As you read through my guide, you can find:

  • My top picks and other great options.
  • Tips for selecting the best dehydrator for mushrooms.
  • Information on each product on my list.
  • Accessories to consider for your product.
  • Videos to help you dry your mushrooms.

While mushrooms are tasty, they are also a healthy addition to meals. According to Science Kids,

A single Portabella mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana.

If you are ready to step into the wonderful world of mushrooms, use my guide to select a good, affordable dehydrator.

The Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms

I want to kick off my guide with my top pick for the best dehydrator. Additionally, I am planning to share other great products and tips for your mushrooms.

My Top Pick

Excalibur →

Excalibur Food Dehydrator My Top PickWhat’s inside?

  • Clear door for viewing food
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 26-hour timer
  • Nine trays for maximum drying space
  • 7-inch built-in fan

Best for

  • Dehydrating enough mushrooms and other food for multiple people.

Buying Options

Also known as the Excalibur 3926TCDB, this product features nine trays and 15-square feet of drying space for cooking large quantities of food.

Also Great


COSORI Food Dehydrator Also GreatWhat’s inside?

  • Clear door to view food
  • Temperature control
  • Six stainless-steel trays
  • One mesh screen and fruit roll sheet
  • Rear-mounted fan

Best for

  • Drying a variety of food and snacks, from mushrooms to produce.

Buying Options

Use this product to dry a variety of food items with the mesh screen, fruit roll sheet and multiple trays.

It is important to ensure you are choosing the right product on the market for your mushrooms. According to KitchenSnitches,

When it comes to saving time, nothing makes dehydrating mushrooms easier and more efficient than using a good dehydrator. This is because once you have sliced them, it is easy to load them into the machine and then let it do its job.

When it comes to cooking, I love to share kitchen tips with my readers. For example, you can learn how to remove the non-stick coating from your wok by clicking here.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Dehydrator for Your Mushrooms

There are several things to consider when shopping for a dehydrator. After all, the product you choose can make or break your meals.

I think a buyer’s guide is always helpful when purchasing an appliance. You can find tips and information that may not have been on your mind a day ago.

This is why I have put together a buyer’s guide for selecting the finest product for food such as mushrooms. My goal is to help you narrow down your search to the products that work for you.

Once you choose a product, it is important to ensure your mushrooms have not gone bad. For example, mushrooms that smell like fish must be discarded immediately.

Now, it is time to continue with my buyer’s guide for choosing the best dehydrators on the market today.

Do You Need a Dehydrator for Mushrooms?

It is not required to own a special machine to dehydrate mushrooms, but it can take over 30 hours for them to air dry. Dehydrating them with a high-quality appliance can speed up the process.

Which Type of Dehydrator to Choose: Horizontal or Vertical?

The type of device you choose is a matter of personal preference.

If are looking to dry a large number of ingredients without moving any trays around, you may want to look into a horizontal product. A vertical product is ideal for drying just a small amount of ingredients.

In this video, Bearzhere shares tips for preparing, dehydrating and storing your mushrooms. It gives you an idea of how the mushrooms are supposed to look after they have been dehydrated.


Once again, the size is going to depend on how many mushrooms you need to dehydrate.

For example, a product with 15 trays allows you to dehydrate many slices of mushrooms at once. If you do not need 15 trays, you can opt for a smaller product with up to 10 trays.


You should always determine the capacity of the appliance before making a purchase. The capacity depends on the square footage of each tray, which is multiplied by the total number of trays.

It can take several hours for your mushrooms to dry, so you want to choose a product that can keep up with the demand.

Temperature Control

A product with temperature control makes it easier to dry your mushrooms and other food. You can rest assured that the appliance is set to the correct temperature for your mushrooms.

How Much Power Will It Use

You also need to determine the power the product uses and whether it works for your kitchen. A wattage that is not enough may take too long to dry your mushrooms, but you do not want too much power to contribute to an outage.

If you cannot purchase a dehydrator right away, you can always learn how to dehydrate your mushrooms in an air fryer.

How to Dry Mushrooms

It never hurts to have a visual on how to dry mushrooms in a specific product. Plant Medicine Life shows you how to dry your mushrooms in the Excalibur Food Dehydrating Machine in this video.

Ease of Cleaning

Of course, you should also check the maintenance of the product. Personally, I enjoy a product that is easy to clean and store because I want more time to enjoy my meals.

It also is important to learn how to use the appliances in your kitchen. In this article, I explore how a toaster timer works.

How to Store Dry Mushrooms

You can place these mushrooms inside a sealed container to use later. The container should be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

One perk of using a dehydrator for mushrooms is the lack of smell that was originally there when you purchased them.

How Long Would Dry Mushrooms Last?

When stored properly, there is no limit to how long your dried mushrooms can last. You may be able to use mushrooms from the same batch for several years or indefinitely.

Dehydrating and Freezing Dry Mushrooms

It is always fun to learn different methods of drying and using your mushrooms. You can learn how to dehydrate and freeze-dry your mushrooms in this video from RoseRed Homestead.

What Else Can You Use a Dehydrator For?

You can use this appliance for just about any food item, including fruits, vegetables, jerky, yogurt and meat. It can also be used for homemade dog treats.

I like to tackle a range of kitchen-related topics, such as learning how to use your stove safely. You can find out how many amps a gas stove uses in this article.

7 Best Dehydrators for Mushrooms

Excalibur Food Dehydrator 1. Excalibur →

With nine trays that total at 15-square feet, this product offers enough space to dehydrate all your favorite snacks.

My Top Pick

COSORI Food Dehydrator 2. COSORI →

Includes six stainless-steel trays, one mesh screen and one fruit roll sheet for dehydrating snacks ranging from mushrooms to tomatoes.

Also Great

Nesco Gardenmaster Pro Food Dehydrator 3. Nesco Gardenmaster Pro →

You can expand this product up to 30 trays to prepare enough snacks for a dinner party or special occasion.

Presto Food Dehydrator 4. Presto →

This product has all the features you need in a dehydrator, from the four drying trays to the nesting design.

Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator 5. Elite Gourmet →

Preparing your favorite snacks has never been easier than with the adjustable temperature and even heat distribution of this product.

Chefman Food Dehydrator 6. Chefman →

Made of stainless steel, you can rest assured that you are using a healthy, durable and easy-to-clean product.

Hamilton Beach Dehydrator 7. Hamilton Beach →

This product features everything you need to dry various snacks, including stackable trays, a 48-hour timer and an adjustable temperature.


I have found seven products to include in my guide, as you can see in the above table. While I did include a brief description to give you an idea of each product, ample information is required for choosing the best appliance to dehydrate your mushrooms.

My goal is to give you several choices and enough information to choose the product that works for you. I want you to be able to enjoy preparing and serving your dried mushrooms.

Speaking of preparing and serving your mushrooms, I also want to share a guide on how to reheat stuffed mushrooms. On a personal note, stuffed mushrooms have become one of my favorite meals.

1. Excalibur

You already know this one is my top pick, right above the COSORI Food Dehydrator.

While both feature a clear door and multiple trays, this product is my top pick because of the nine trays, adjustable thermostat and 26-hour timer. It even has an insertable polyscreen tray to keep mushrooms and other food from sticking to the tray, which is always a lifesaver.

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

These features make it easier to dry mushrooms efficiently because of the maximum drying space and drying time. The good part is that the mushrooms dry evenly, so you never have to worry about any mushrooms not completely drying.


  • Made of plastic
  • Measures 18 inches by 17 inches by 10 inches
  • 600 watts and 110/120 voltage
  • 7-inch fan
  • Clear doors


  • Dries the contents of all trays evenly, which is essential to thoroughly remove the moisture from food. This way, you can store your mushrooms or other food without worrying about bacteria growing on it. Plus, the extended shelf life is perfect for planning meals.
  • Provides 15-square feet of drying space for dehydrating large quantities of food at once. Imagine preparing your mushrooms for a large family or dinner party. You do not have to spend days dehydrating all your mushrooms.
  • Maximize your drying time with the 26-hour timer. It provides maximum drying time without any interruptions. You can set the timer for several hours or a full day, depending on how many mushrooms you need to dehydrate.
  • You can easily choose the correct temperature with the adjustable thermostat. This keeps you from overheating your mushrooms. You can also readjust the temperature before it leads to problems or a slower drying time.
  • Includes flexible polyscreen tray inserts to keep food from sticking to trays, which makes dehydrating food an easier task. It is also easier to clean the trays because you can simply remove the inserts. You can relax instead of spending hours cleaning your appliance.


  •  The unit sometimes arrives in poor packing, which is usually the fault of the retailer more than the manufacturer.
  • Unfortunately, poor packaging or a defective product can lead to a timer that is broken out of the box.

Best For:

Those who want to dry a large batch of mushrooms for future meals, big families and dinner parties.

Video reviews are great for creating a visual of how a product works, and you can find a thorough review of the Excalibur in this video from All About The Harvest.

Buying Options


After careful research, the COSORI Dehydrator has taken the second spot on my list. While Excalibur has more efficient features, I think the COSORI is also a great product.

The first thing I noticed when reading the description is that it has a low noise level. I love an appliance that does not fill my kitchen with noise. It is also easy to maintain because the trays can be placed right in the dishwasher.

COSORI Food Dehydrator

With overheat protection and temperature control, this product also maximizes your kitchen safety.

The product is made of stainless steel, so you know it is a durable, easy-to-clean material.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • 600 watts and 120 voltage
  • Measures 17.8 inches by 13.5 inches by 12.2 inches
  • Temperature control
  • Includes recipe book


  • It has a low noise level, which means the appliance will not bother you or anyone in your family when you are relaxing or watching TV in the evening. Plus, you can run the dehydrator overnight without worrying about it disrupting your sleep.
  • Tray liners are BPA-free to create a healthy product for your mushrooms and other food. This way, you do not have to worry about dehydrating your food in an appliance that is full of chemicals. After all, the health of your family is important when dehydrating and preparing food.
  • Overheat protection keeps you from burning your food while increasing kitchen safety. Your mushrooms and other food come out dry but not burned. While you should always be careful with an appliance, the overheat protection keeps it from become a burn risk.
  • Dishwasher-safe trays with an overall easy-to-clean product, offering a low-maintenance appliance. It is always relieving to purchase a product that you do not need to spend hours or even days cleaning it thoroughly. This is perfect for relaxing after dehydrating your mushrooms.
  • It also includes a recipe book, which is great for choosing new meals to add to your weekly menu. While you can find recipes online, a recipe book removes the required internet connection. All you have to do is grab the book off your shelf and select a recipe.


  • It may take a lot of time to dry your mushrooms with this product.
  • I am noticing that customers who have reached out regarding an issue with the product are having a hard time getting customer service to respond to their concerns.

Best For:

Dehydrating a range of snacks and food, including mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat and yogurt.

Get up-close and personal with the COSORI by checking out this unboxing and review from The Purposeful Pantry.

Buying Options

3. Nesco Gardenmaster Pro

With eight trays and the ability to expand up to 30 trays, it is no secret why the Nesco dehydrating machine is number three on my list.

The even heat distribution and temperature control are perfect for setting the appliance to the temperature you need for drying your mushrooms.

Nesco Gardenmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

In addition to the trays, this product comes with eight fruit roll-up sheets and a recipe book. The included jerky spice pack with cure also caught my eye because it gives you something fun to do with your new appliance.

I also love that this product only weighs 17 pounds because you can easily move it to another spot if need be.


  • Made of plastic
  • 1,000 wattage
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Measures 17 inches by 15.5 inches by 14 inches


  • Comes with eight dishwasher-safe trays and expands up to 30 trays, allowing you to dehydrate your food in large quantities. You can use just eight trays to dehydrate mushrooms for an ordinary meal or future use, or you can expand your trays to prepare for a special occasion.
  • Temperature control makes it easier to adjust the heat to meet your needs. You may need to set it at one temperature to dehydrate mushrooms and another temperature to dehydrate fruit. It does not take long to set the temperature, so you can get right to dehydrating, storing and preparing your food.
  • You do not have to rotate your trays with the Converga-Flow drying system. This system pushes the hot air up and across each tray for maximum drying. You can rest assured that all your food is fully dehydrated and ready to be stored or added to your next meal.
  • Every tray is BPA-free to create a healthy, eco-friendly product. The BPA-free trays reduces the risk of chemicals that could contaminate your food, but it also helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. This is great for switching to a greener lifestyle at home.
  • The appliance only weighs 17 pounds, so it is not too heavy to move if need be. You can move it to make room for another appliance or create more space for cooking, but you can also move it back to its original spot without straining yourself or asking for help.


  • The trays do not fit securely on the base, which can pose a problem when drying your food.
  • Some customers have stated the product does not last as long as other products.

Best For:

Professionals and non-professionals who need to use up to 30 trays to dehydrate a large quantity of food at once.

You can see the Nesco Dehydrator in action with this video from WeRmudfun, who are willing to unbox and demonstrate this product for all viewers.

Buying Options


4. Presto

I think the Presto Food Dehydrator is a great addition to most lists because you can use as few or as many trays as needed. It already comes with four trays, but you can expand up to eight trays for more usage.

Presto Food Dehydrator

With the even heat distribution and the fact that you do not have to rotate the trays, I think this product can easily and efficiently dry all your mushrooms or other snacks.

One thing that caught my eye is the easy-to-store design, which can be a dealbreaker in many kitchens. The cord wraps around the cover and the trays nest for easier storage.


  • Made of plastic
  • Includes four drying trays
  • 600 wattage and 120 voltage
  • Measures 14.25 inches by 15.25 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds


  • It expands up to eight trays to create more space for drying larger quantities for storage, bigger meals and special occasions. You also have the option of just sticking to the four trays that are already included, which is perfect for smaller quantities and ordinary meals.
  • It also features an easy-to-clean drip tray, so you can forget about the extra mess. You only have to worry about cleaning your appliance and other cookware used, rather than also cleaning the counter and table. The drip tray itself can be cleaned in just several minutes for easy maintenance.
  • The airflow distributes heat evenly to thoroughly dry your mushrooms and other snacks. Moisture is completely removed to prepare your food for storage and meals, and this reduces the risk of bacteria or mold growing on your food.
  • The space-saving design makes it easy to store the product when it is not in use. It is also easier to keep the cord out of the way because it wraps around the cover. If you have limited space in your kitchen or frequently switch out appliances, this is a great option for you.
  • In addition to dehydrating mushrooms and other food, this product is ideal for drying jerky made from meat. Imagine surprising your loved ones with homemade jerky as a gift. Plus, you can save money on store-bought jerky that may not be as healthy as homemade jerky.


  • If you dislike loud appliances, this may not be the product for you because it has a higher noise level.
  • Smaller pieces of food may fall through the large holes on the trays, which is not ideal for some meals.

Best For:

Those who do not always need to dehydrate large quantities at once. It is also ideal for those who enjoy homemade jerky.

Ana The Old Folk gives tips on using the appliance in this video. You also have the opportunity to see this appliance out of the box.

Buying Options

5. Elite Gourmet

The Elite Dehydrator has several features that are enough for me to add this product to my list.

I love an appliance with an adjustable thermostat because you can ensure it fits your needs. After all, the temperature needed to dry your mushrooms may be different from the temperature needed to dry your fruit.

Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator

The ability to avoid processed junk food has also caught my eye. Use this product to make healthy, all-natural snacks such as fruit rolls and trail mix. You can even use it to make healthier dog treats.

It is also easy to maintain your appliance with removable, dishwasher-safe parts.


  • Made of plastic
  • Temperature control
  • Include five trays
  • 350 wattage and 120 voltage
  • Weighs 5.3 pounds


  • Low-noise appliance, so you can forget about the loud, irritating noises while trying to cook or relax. You can let the appliance run while you are watching TV, taking care of other chores or sleeping at night, and you do not have to worry about the noise bothering you.
  • The appliance includes five trays to create enough space for drying all your mushrooms and snacks. Use the trays to dehydrate mushrooms for upcoming meals and events. It does have fewer trays than other appliances, but this keeps you from drying more food than necessary.
  • With temperature control, you do not have to worry about overheating your food. This allows you to take care of other tasks while the dehydrator runs because you do not have to watch the food like a hawk to ensure it does not burn. It also reduces the risk of burning yourself while using the appliance.
  • Even heat distribution ensures your food is thoroughly dehydrated and ready for storage and meals, allowing you to get right to your preserving and meal prep. It also removes the moisture that could lead to bacteria or mold growth on your food, which extends the life of your mushrooms, meat and other food.
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe trays create a safe, low-maintenance product, and the overall appliance is easy to clean. You can take comfort in knowing your food is not contaminated with chemicals, and you can relax instead of spending several hours cleaning the trays and appliance itself.


  • It takes too long to dehydrate your food and snacks, which is not ideal for anyone who needs a time-efficient way to dehydrate food.
  • There are some cases when you need to scan a QR code to access the manual. If you do not have the paper manual on hand, this can become frustrating.

Best For:

Those who are looking for a lightweight appliance to dehydrate smaller quantities of food at a time.

In this video, Late Boomer unboxes the product to show you all the parts, how to disassemble it and how to put it back together. You can also get a glimpse of the product manual.

Buying Options

6. Chefman

I love versatile appliances, and the Chefman is a great appliance for drying mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky and meats. You can use this product to dry mushrooms for meals or make your own jerky for snacking.

Chefman Food Dehydrator

The transparent trays are perfect for keeping an eye on your mushrooms and other food as they dehydrate. I feel this stands out from other round dehydrators.

It also features temperature control to ensure your appliance is hot enough to meet your needs, but it also keeps you from overheating your food.

As always, I love low-maintenance appliances that do not take hours to clean. If you also enjoy low-maintenance appliances, you are in luck because it is easy to clean this product.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Five transparent trays
  • Measures 12.28 inches by 9.45 inches by 11.89 inches
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • 350 wattage and 120 voltage


  • With a lovely design and several features, it is easy to use this product to dehydrate food and make jerky. You can refer to the manual as needed, but you can also learn how to use this appliance in one or two uses. Once you learn how to use the appliance, you can efficiently dehydrate your ingredients and prepare your favorite meals.
  • With five transparent trays, you can dehydrate enough mushrooms, meat and snacks for multiple people and special events. You can also keep an eye on your food as needed to ensure everything dehydrates properly. This way, you do not have to worry about burning your food or not dehydrating enough for everyone.
  • It features versatile trays for dehydrating a range of food and snacks, from mushrooms to meats. This is perfect for family dinners, special occasions and holiday gifts. Dehydrated mushrooms can be used as ingredients to enhance flavor, while homemade jerky is a great gift idea for your loved ones.
  • The product features adjustable temperature control to meet your needs for each type of food. You can set the appliance to the correct temperature for mushrooms, vegetables or jerky, allowing you to dehydrate your food without burning it or slowing down the drying time.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain this product. When you are finished dehydrating your food, you do not need to spend hours washing the appliance instead of storing your food and relaxing. The easy maintenance also extends the life of your appliance.


  • Some customers have stated the trays are of poor quality, and this can make or break the appliance.
  • The appliance does not reach its highest temperature, so some food may not dehydrate thoroughly.

Best For:

Anyone who needs a versatile appliance for dehydrating their food. It also works for those who prefer to keep an eye on their food as it cooks or dries.

Buying Options

7. Hamilton Beach

Last, but not least, the Hamilton Beach Dehydrator has made my list because the features allow you to efficiently dehydrate a range of food and snacks.

Hamilton Beach Dehydrator

The product features a 48-hour timer for maximum drying time, with an auto-shutoff feature that keeps you from overheating your food. It also features an adjustable digital thermostat, so you can easily set the appliance to the temperature you need to dehydrate food such as mushrooms, jerky, vegetables and fruits.

This appliance comes with five trays for drying smaller quantities, one solid sheet for fruit rolls and one fine-mesh sheet for smaller food pieces.


  • Made of plastic
  • Includes five trays
  • Measures 10.5 inches by 13 inches by 11 inches
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • 500 wattage and 110 voltage


  • Maximize your drying time without overheating your food with the 48-hour timer and auto-shutoff. This way, you can take care of other tasks, run to the store for ingredients or sleep at night without having to rush to the kitchen to turn off your appliance.
  • The adjustable digital thermostat and even drying system ensure your food is thoroughly dehydrated. The digital thermostat makes it easier to view and change the temperature as needed, especially if you need to quickly correct the temperature. Dehydrating your food has never been easier than with a digital thermostat that prevents overheating.
  • Comes with five trays for dehydrating food, one fine-mesh sheet for smaller food and one solid sheet for fruit rolls, creating a versatile appliance. You can use the trays for food ranging from mushrooms to fruit, and you do not have to worry about smaller pieces of food falling through the holes of the trays.
  • The product weights 8 pounds to create a lightweight appliance, which makes it easy to move it to another spot as needed. You may need to move it to create more space for cooking or cleaning around the appliance, or maybe you are rearranging your kitchen. If so, you do not have to ask anyone for help with moving your appliance.


  • Some customers feel it is too loud, which is something to consider if you prefer quiet appliances.
  • There are also customers who have gotten an error code after several uses.

Best For:

Dehydrating food in various sizes or textures, from smaller pieces of mushrooms to homemade jerky.

Mirian Valencia shows the features and uses of the appliance in this video.

Buying Options

Other Must-Haves

There are some accessories that are also useful in the kitchen. I refer to these items as must-haves because they can enhance your cooking experience.

If you want to make the most of your dehydrator, consider adding the following items to your shopping list.

4 Fruit Leather Silicone Dehydrator Sheets4 Fruit Leather Silicone Dehydrator Sheets

Protect your dehydrator from excess moisture and oils with these silicone sheets. The raised edges keep the excess liquid from spilling over, and the non-stick material is easy to clean for reuse. These sheets can be used with any model of the Nesco dehydrator.

GUCUJI 5 Premium Non Stick-Silicone Dehydrator SheetsGUCUJI Pack of 5 Premium Non-Stick Silicone Dehydrator Sheets for Fruit Dryer Mesh

These sheets are great for keeping your mushrooms and other food from falling onto the trays. They feature a non-stick, reusable surface to prevent food from sticking to your tray for easier cleaning.

O2frepak Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers PacketsO2frepak 2000CC(30-Pack) Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers Packets for Home Made Jerk

It is always fun to make jerky in your dehydrating machine, but you want your homemade jerky to last as long as possible. With this 30-pack of food-grade oxygen absorbers, you can easily extend the shelf life of your homemade jerky. You can also order this product in other quantities.

Linzer 5425 Plastic 5 Gallon Paint Can OpenerLinzer 5425 Plastic 5-Gallon Paint Can Opener

If you often have trouble opening jars of ingredients for your food, a paint can opener should do the trick. This way, you can easily open the yogurt for your dehydrator or seasonings for your dried food.

Once you dehydrate your mushrooms and open your ingredients, you can start building a menu of sides that work for stuffed mushrooms.

Useful Resources

Take Your Time to Choose the Best Dehydrating Machine for Your Mushrooms

It is important to take your time to choose the best dehydrator for mushrooms in 2022. You can use my guide as a start to narrowing down your search, but you still want to ensure you are choosing an appliance that works for you.

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